Why DesAcc

DesAcc is a global leader in health data solutions since 1993. We discover, unlock, transform, and deliver data at unrivalled speed and scale, giving the world's largest healthcare organizations and vendors complete control of their data for advancing medical research and healthcare. By making health data more accessible, we are helping to build a brighter future for everyone.

Trusted By:

  • Trusted by the Government of Western Australia Department of Health
  • Trusted by Canon Medical
  • Trusted by Stanford Healthcare
  • Trusted by Change Healthcare
  • Trusted by Mednax National Medial Group
  • Trusted by Mass General Brigham
  • Trusted by Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Trusted by Hyland
  • Trusted by Ochsner Healh System
  • Trusted by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Trusted by Indian Health Service
  • Trusted by Philips Healthcare

Our track record is unrivalled

Handing health data at speed and scale is our expertise. We have successfully delivered many of the world’s largest health data and conversion projects.

We understand workflows

We understand the workflows that create data, the techniques and formats used to store it, and the health data standards that must be adhered to.

We enhance research

We accelerate data-driven advancements in medicine and healthcare logistics, expanding the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We have what it takes

We are experts at extracting, standardizing, and moving data between systems worldwide, always pursuing the best health data solutions.

We love a challenge

No matter the scale, we are driven to deliver the best results with every project.

We are passionate

We love what we do because our work makes a positive difference to the healthcare and well-being of people worldwide.

We deliver results

We work closely and transparently with our clients to produce the best outcomes and deliver improved healthcare solutions.


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