When extracting an institution’s data from its legacy system environment, it’s crucial to ensure it is properly deployed, accessible, and compatible with its new enterprise environment.

This extension of your data’s lifecycle is called “Data Continuity” (DC).

Our Data Continuity Platform includes:

DICOM Continuity Engine (DCE)

The DICOM Continuity Engine (DCE) is used with PACS and VNAs to provide healthcare industry standard DICOM migrations from any vendor format, offering unrivalled data migration speeds.

We also have media extraction and media ingestion methods that can dramatically increase the speed of DICOM migrations.

Using DICOM places pressure on the source system and must be carefully set up to reduce performance issues that could lead to a longer migration timeframe. Our data migration method uses media extraction from the source system followed by DICOM ingestion to the target system.

Real-time DICOM migrations are accomplished by continuously extracting, cleansing (improving data quality), transcoding (enhancing transmission and ingestion speeds), and ingesting.

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  • Agfa IMPAX Proprietary Markups to DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS)

    Agfa IMPAX Proprietary Markups

    GE Centricity Proprietary Markups to DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS)

    GE Centricity Proprietary Markups

    Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS)

    Fujiflim Synapse Proprietary Markups to DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS)

    Fujiflim Synapse Proprietary Markups

  • Enhanced DICOM GSPS to Intelerad InteleViwewer

    Enhanced DICOM GSPS

    Intelerad InteleViewer

    Hologic’s legacy Secondary Capture Object (SCO) to DICOM Breast Tomosynthesis Objects (BTO)

    Hologic’s legacy Secondary Capture Object (SCO)

    DICOM Breast Tomosynthesis Objects (BTO)

  • Non DICOM imaging to DICOM Secondary Capture (SC)

    Non DICOM imaging

    DICOM Secondary Capture (SC)

    Non standard reports to DICOM Structured Reports (SR) which can be encapsulated with various document mime types i.e. PDF, Word, and stored into the target system with their associated studies

    Non standard reports

    DICOM Structured Reports (SR)

Storage Continuity Engine

Storage Continuity Engine (SCE)

Our Storage Continuity Engine (SCE) migrates data from Tape, Optical Disk, File, Object Storage Systems, and Content-Addressable Storage (CAS) systems.

The first step is always to understand the data being migrated. You can use our data discovery service, where we’ll examine the data, discuss our findings with you, and use the information to create a data migration plan.

This plan will establish the data migration strategy for moving data files from one storage platform to another or with DICOM migration.

The SCE directly controls optical disk jukeboxes and tape libraries and natively accesses network files, enabling data extraction speeds of over 4 TB/day.

Our media migration projects to date have utilized Plasmon Archive Appliance, Magneto-Optical Disk (MOD) Jukeboxes, and Tape Libraries, which support many media types, such as AIT, DAT, DLT, SDLT, and LTO Tapes.

When migrating DICOM data, the built-in scalability allows multiple jukeboxes or tape libraries to be assigned to a single project, allowing for media extractions exceeding 100,000 studies/day (equal to 1,000 MODs).

Contact us to learn more about SCE and how it can help you.

Enterprise Continuity Engine (ECE)

Our Enterprise Continuity Engine (ECE) can migrate Radiology Information Systems, Cardiovascular Information Systems, Dose Monitoring Systems, XDS Systems, and other information systems, which typically require more data than a DICOM study or report to be migrated.

The multimedia migration can extract data from various databases using ODBC connections, clean and transform data, and then insert it into the target system via a database connection or HL7, DICOM, XDS, or file ingestion.

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Enterprise Continuity Engine

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