Radiology Migrations

PACS, VNA and Radiology Information System (RIS) can be migrated using our Data Continuity engines


We have migrated from many different PACS and VNA systems into a new target system.

Systems include: Agfa, Bridgehead, Canon, Carestream, Change Healthcare, Fuji, GE, Hitachi, Infinitt, Intelerad, Lexmark, Merge, Philips, Sectra, Siemens, Toshiba, Vital, and Viztek.

Database Migration

We provide tools that can extract data from the Source System database and insert the data directly into the Target System database. We use detailed mapping, cleansing and transformation tools to ensure that the data is presented into the Target System in a compatible format.

We support a wide range of databases including Microsoft SQL Server Database, Oracle Database, Sybase Database, PostgreSQL Database and IBM DB2 Database. We can also work with database extracts.

Radiology Information System Migration

A typical Radiology Information Systems (RIS) holds patient data and their bookings and holds procedures, cancellations, allergies, and other important information about the patient. These types of migration need a Enterprise Continuity engine which can migrate data from databases and other storage locations, then clean and transform data to then insert that data into the target system.

A typical RIS migration will start with a patient migration and be followed with a order and report migration.

Radiology Migrations

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