Pathology Migrations

Digital Pathology is starting to be established and there are older systems which do not yet comply with the DICOM standards for pathology imaging. These systems can now be migrated to a Digital Pathology PACS which supports DICOM Whole Slide Imaging (WSI).

There are two paths that Digital Pathology systems take,

  • systems where non-Whole Slide Image data is stored in a proprietary file format such as Aperio, Hamamatsu, 3DHistech and other systems store them as discrete objects, or
  • systems where data is stored within Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) directly such as Clinisys PowerPath.

We are able to work with both types of systems, whether LIS based or when proprietary file formats are used for data storage. In both cases, the DCP platform is capable of auditing, normalizing and converting this data so that it can operate within a PACS or VNA environment.

Pathology Migrations

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